About Kato Dental Clinic's One Day Ceramics

There are three reasons why one day treatment with Ceramics is chosen.

1.Safely Materials

The metal materials currently used only in Japan are considered to be harmful worldwide. Metal materials have lower adhesion than ceramics, so gaps are likely to be created cavity. Shouldn't treatment be done using materials that do not harm the body?

2.Minimize pollution, Treatment with highly stable material

The production of crowns and inlays by mold taking took time and there was contamination of the teeth. Since the inlays and crowns are made by solidifying the material, there were bubbles and deformation. By cutting out the factory-produced ceramic block, speed and stability are achieved.

3.One day treatment with CEREC System

We manufacture ceramics using the CADCAM system from Sirona, Germany. This system is most developed in one-day-treatment. The best equipment will provide the best treatment results.

One day treatment Work-Flow

  1. Intraoral scan
    After forming the teeth, shoot the inside of the mouth with a 3D camera. This is an alternative to typing.
  2. Designing & Occlusal Simulations
    AI-Tooth-Design based on Shooting data on a computer.
  3. Cutting out of ceramic
    Send design data to the milling machine and cut out the ceramic block.
  4. Bonding
    Attach the ceramic with a special adhesive to the teeth.

Comparison with conventional method

Cosmetic dental treatment with all ceramic

Trusted Procera All-Ceramic Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Treatment methodIn the case of the implant prosthetic superstructure at the site where aesthetic is required or in the case of natural dental prosthesis, it is treated with a procera all ceramic crown or bridge. The superstructure of the entire jaw implant is aesthetically treated using Procera system, Ceramic with Cobalt Chrome Frame and Zirconia. For the treatment of front teeth including implants, we strongly recommend Procera All Ceramic or Procera Zirconia System Treatment (Nobel Biocare Japan) of dentistry with excellent pre-diagnosis and aesthetic design.

Nobel Biocare Japan Nobel Biocare Japan Co., Ltd.
Adapted to anyoneIt is most suitable for those who are concerned with the color and shape of teeth, those who are dark between the overlapped crowns and gums, those who are suffering from metal allergy, those who are concerned about teeth and can’t laugh naturally. You want to clean your teeth before you go on to college, get a job, get married, and have a reunion after a long absence. You can solve such troubles at Kato Dental Clinic's all ceramic. All ceramic with white translucency will surely shine your smile.
CaseCase 1 Ceramic inlay (ceramic filling)
The patient hoped that the silver filler should be whitened, treated with a ceramic inlay.

Case 2 Procera All Ceramic Crown
The patient wanted to clean the front teeth and visited, prosthodontic treatment with a procera all ceramic crown was performed.

Case 3
Hoping for treatment of opposite occlusion and visit. We suggested orthodontic treatment of full mouth, but improved occlusion by procera all ceramic prosthetic treatment in relation to time saving.

All metal restorations on the lower jaw were replaced with ceramics and metal free was realized. Worried about metal allergy may have been alleviated.

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