Invisible Clear Aligner in Kato Dental Clinic



Three Reasons for Patient’s Choice toward
Our Invisalign Treatment

1.Few Invisalign Clinic in Japan with "iTero element" digital scanner

Two female doctors are conducting medical treatment as the Invisalign Doctor (Certificated by US Align Inc.), and we are in a position ready to respond to the progress of treatment at all times. When the impression taking is performed, this is done with iTero elemment digital scanner comfortably.

2.World's top treatment make available

We participate in domestic and international Invisalign seminars in order to get world-class treatment at the Invisalign, and always collect information and apply it to the treatment.

3.Rapid diagnosis by Treatment plan with CT

Three-dimensional diagnosis by CT (Sirona GALILEOS system), examination planning, planning and presentation of treatment plan on the same day can be done.

What is invisalign

Invisalign is the latest invisible mouthpiece type orthodontic appliance that is used to treat more than 8 million patients worldwide. The original piece of mouthpiece correction is according to the Invisalign system. It is a trusted major brand that accumulates treatment experiences being done all over the world and constantly evolves.

Features of Invisalign

1.Invisible and clear

Because Invisalign is a mouthpiece type orthodontic brace, it is transparent and thin, not conspicuous. You do not know wearing it. We don’t let you feel stressed looks.

2.Little pain, easy to talk

Invisalign is said to be less painful than conventional metal braces. In Invisalign, since the amount of movement of teeth by one mouthpiece is determined to be 0.25 mm, the treatment can be performed without applying excessive force. Also, because it does not use wire etc., it is easy to talk, there is little that you can feel stomatitis on the mucous membrane of the device.

3.Less hospital visits

Basically, the Invisalign can be treated with visits once every three months. Through the 3D treatment planning software, it is possible to simulate tooth movement from the start of treatment to completion, on the computer screen, so that treatment can be performed with the minimum number of visits. It is possible to treat even in distant patients, and our hospital also treats people living overseas.


Since you can remove the aligner yourself, you can easily clean your teeth with a toothbrush or dental floss.

5.Eliminate problems caused by metals

Invisalign does not use metal wire etc, so there is no worry about metal allergy. Also, there is no need for urgency such as falling off of equipment wire during the treatment period.

What is ClinCheck

By using state-of-the-art CT scanning technology, Invisalign can realize highly accurate models on a computer from the impression of a patient’s tooth profile. With 3D simulation software called Clincheck, we can study and plan the treatment plan from start to finish.